Warranty for newKube customers

It has drawn to our attention about concerns relating to warranty on newKube.

We admit there was an error in our copy-writing at http://www.newkube.com/support/. Our original intention was to give those who join  the newKube fan club gets additional 6 months warranty. The text on the support page did not reflect that. We are making changes to the text immediately.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Please be assured that customers that buy our products automatically gets warranty coverage of 6 months. Those who join the newKube fan club will get additional 6 months. We will also be adding an online warranty form where newKube users will also qualify for this additional 6 months warranty, even if they do not join the newKube fan club.

If you have any questions on warranty, please email support.sg@ollotech.com


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